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As vegans, we no longer participate in actively harming animals. HOWEVER, we are not actively helping the animals trapped in cages, tanks, farms, trucks or slaughterhouses. To do this, we must speak up on their behalf – just as we would like someone to speak for us if we were in their position. There are over 600,000 people in the UK who call themselves vegan. Imagine the impact if we ALL stepped up and spoke up in any way we could for the animals – and actively participated in animal rights advocacy?

“Compassion without action is just observation.”


We Stand For The Animals (WSFTA) is a grassroots organisation of animal rights activists who stand against the oppression of all animals. Our Freedom Formations are outreach events designed to educate the public about the realities of all forms of animal exploitation through the use of standard practice footage that clearly shows how these industries exploit animals. Imagine if at every event you will change just one life … by helping someone to go vegan? How many animals will be saved or spared the unimaginable suffering and inevitable death which we have all seen? 


Education via street outreach has been shown to be incredibly effective – and is also incredibly rewarding, planting seeds and seeing people make the connection we have made. In real time. Join your nearest We Stand For The Animals group now and find out about the next Freedom Formation Events. Vegans from all backgrounds are welcome and needed. It’s important that the public see that veganism does not belong to any group of people and that it is a social justice movement for the animal victims.

We must all unite to be one voice for those whose voices are ignored by most of society.